We understand hotels like no one does

AxisRooms came into existence with the consolidation of need, experience and tough grind by three of the medalist’s in the Travel & Hospitality industry. In the year 2011, company was founded with an intention to increase and improve Hotel Business Distribution using breakthrough technological solution with a vision to help clients transition to better business practices. AxisRooms’s Strategic team works using clear & down to earth methodologies with the client, digging deep into its roots & shoots to come up with insights & answers.

Today, Axisrooms has grown to a level where it has brought in the majority of the market by its ingenious yet transparent system software developed to accomplish strenuous tasks. Axisrooms is today's requisite to the demands of the Travel & Hospitality Industry.

Our Mission.

Create value through our cutting edge strategies and technical solutions for customers, partners and travelers in order to develop effective global hotel market.

Our Vision.

To become one of the leading companies for technical and market solutions in the hotel market industry.

Our Values.

Provide the best products and support to Our Customers, always. Respect above all, especially to those who enjoy to travel the world. Be responsible and act correctly.


The brain of AxisRooms is made of many hearts.
Anil Kumar Prasanna

Anil Kumar Prasanna


Passionate traveller and Innovator. On a mission to revolutionize hotel & travel technology.

Ravi Taneja

Ravi Taneja


Has extraordinary skills with people and loves music. Works hard to rock the dynamic of hospitality industry, changing the way it handles and distribute the inventory.

Leema Rosali

Leema Rosali


Drives operation/support with ease, due to her natural leadership and charisma. She enjoys traveling and gardening.

Praveen Chandrasekharan

Praveen Chandrasekharan


Technology solutions are his life's work. Besides the work he prefers reading books, listening to good music and practicing yoga.


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